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THE KMJ Stoneworks, 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Suite D, is now closed while we take to the road with our KMJ Bus Tour to discover the perfect place to relocate.

Please go to for details.

But please look around and browse at will, there’s plenty to see if you just scroll down. Click on the buttons to visit the various departments, and hopefully, we will see you soon, wherever we resettle.

Decor ~ Kitchen ~ Table ~ Bath ~ Patio ~ Garden

Hello and Welcome to THE KMJ Stoneworks

Established in 2017 at the Airport Business Center in Aspen, Colorado, Stoneworks has grown from a sculpture gallery, in which to showcase Martin Cooney’s fine art marble sculpture, into a retail concept that now includes a wide range of stylish, decrative and functional household items.

We hope you enjoy window shopping on and look forward to a time when we can meet, and you can actually see the work “for real”. As people often tell us that the photographs barely do justice to the hand carved marble bowl, sculpture or whatever they were gazing at.

All the best, Martin and Kris Cooney.

Please browse our catalog in comfort and at your leisure, then swing by THE KMJ and view your treasure. Enjoy the experience of traditional retail, with the ease and convenience of modern online shopping. No shipping, no tracking parcels, no missing packages vanishing from your porch or being damaged in the mail.

By presenting each piece of work currently displayed in the gallery via detailed photography, the effect is to recreate as close as possible the experience of actually being here at THE KMJ and strolling the Stoneworks for yourself.

Our address is 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Suite D, Aspen, Colorado 81611.

Conveniently located directly across from Aspen Airport, facing highway 82, we are easy to find and offer free off-street parking.

Please call Kris at 970 309 1070, Martin at 970 319 1070, or email for further details. Please note however that, from May 1st, 2023, we will be on the road heading for The Great American Mid West with our KMJ Stoneworks Travelling Gallery and Masonry History Tour.

All items are carved or created by Martin Cooney, aside from Gift Shop items, candles, candle holders or as otherwise stated.

Please visit ~ A very stone-centric, large format, website magazine.

Collection Series Marble Sculpture

Have you ever thought of just how hugely heavy traditional marble sculpture is? At 175 lbs per cubic foot, it takes very little for even a modest piece to weigh many hundred of pounds. However, the sculptures you see here are light, Portable and Carved for Full Immersion in The Real World. In fact, the Curvilinear nature of The Collection Series means that it is made to be picked up regularly, and given the freedom to roam at will. You’ll be delighted to see your treasure pop up here and there in a way never previously known to heavy old marble.

THE KMJ MOVING SALE Begins Monday May 1st 2023 SAVE 20 to 50%

Collection Series Marble Bowls

These large, well proportioned hand carved marble bowls are not just pretty on the eye, but highly functional too. Mound them up with ice, float candles within them, pick them up and move them around at will. And when the sun pours in through the window, sit back and watch as they take in all the light that comes their way, to then defract the sun’s rays in a manner more commonly associated with stained glass.

These beauties are just waiting to be picked up and moved around. Simply hold them close to your body, as you would a baby, or a small child, and walk them to their new surroundings – simple as that. These hand carved Colorado Yule Marble Bowls are as versitile as they are robust. Ice, champagne and caviar, or fruit, candies, bread rolls, seafood, it’s all the same to them. They are protected not only by their hand finished, smooth and silky surface, but an excellent Italian invisible penerating seal that reduces clean up to a quick wipe with a clean damp cloth.

Small Stone Carvings

Wherever you place them, or wherever they end up, these smaller carvings will serve to attract attention to themselves, no matter what. For what they invite is closer inspection, and in doing so, reward the curious. Also, these portable sculptures were carved to be picked up, moved around and admired from all angles. Why leave them to blend into their surroundings, when they can be enjoyed from so many perspectives, and thus, for they all enjoy very different moods, depending on their current circumstance.

Outdoor Stone Carvings

As it turns out, there are two distinctly different tribes of stone sculpture – those that love to stay indoors all the time, and those, like this lot, who would hate you for prisoning them indoors. You see, hard as it may be to comprehend, these 30 million pieces of stone are amazingly well adapted to the great outdoors. Furthermore, they create the same stunning focal points within the garden, or even on the patio, as their more timid indoor compatriots.

THE KMJ MOVING SALE Begins Monday May 1st 2023 SAVE 20 to 50%

Stone Candle Flights

KMJ Stone Flights present a spectacular display of beautiful tall flowers, or bathe the room in candlelight – your choice. They also serve a multitude of tasks regarding breadsticks, candies and fresh herbs, to name a few. And like the rest of THE KMJ’s original work, these handy Flights fit snugly within their display box, for safe and compact storage whenever they are not required to steal the show.

Stone Candle Mounts

CandleLumination is a KMJ concept that fascilitates the total illumination of a room solely by candlelight. Try it, and you’ll be hooked. Candlelight is easy on the eye, it leaves behind no glare when looked at, as with electric bulbs. Furthermore, the subtle way the light disapates from so many tiny sources leaves no hard edges or deep shadows, enabling everyone to relax and enjoy the moment. There is a reason why all those people looked so good in the old period costume movies. Remember the term. You heard it here first; Candlelumination.

Copper Candlesticks

Rounding out the trio of candle applications, we now come to perhaps the most inovative adaptions with these tall, graceful and beautifully patined centerpieces, created from sections of pipe and their various connectors. What better to loft your flames high? Flood your dining table with light, let people see what they are eating! Smile at one another as you savor, not just the food (and drink), but a memorable moment – an occasion. Make dinner great, again.


At this point, it is time to meet the real stars of the show – the candles themselves, as it will be their flame that sets the room aglow. And best of all, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms. In fact, there are far more than one for every occasion. Just how you go about your CandleLumination of the room is up to you. Love tealights? Use them in numbers. Hate them? Consider votives or tapers. The result will always be… relaxing. Just keep drafts down to a minimum, and ban all sudden gusts of wind – you’ll be fine.

THE KMJ MOVING SALE Begins Monday May 1st 2023 SAVE 20 to 50%

Candle Holders

And, where exactly would we be without these useful little things? Just like the candles they hold, they come in all different shapes and sizes, clear or cloudy, even speckled gold and silver. So, keep enough on hand that you can bring them out at a moment’s notice, to transform any evening gathering into an occasion.

Gift Shop

And here we are, please exit through the giftshop if you will. We have tried to make it fun and varied, while still somewhat keeping within the world of stone.

Hi there. It has been a pleasure introducing our family business to you. We look forward to our meeting one day, somewhere down the road, or until May 1st 2023 right here at The Stoneworks, 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Aspen 81611.

However, as we will not be operating an on-line shop any time soon, actually meeting us in person is the only way, at this point, to purchase the items on you see on this channel.

Sincerely, Kris and Martin Cooney

Please visit ~ A very stone-centric, large format, website magazine.

THE KMJ MOVING SALE Begins Monday May 1st 2023 SAVE 20 to 50%

THE KMJ Stoneworks is located directly across from the terminals at 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Suite D.

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